Full Color Mourninglights™ and Animal Welfare

So many of our customers are involved with animal rescue and animal welfare that we like to contribute when we can. Full Color Mourninglights(tm) are available for $30.95 for a limited time through July. But enter the name of your favorite animal rescue or rights organization in the form below and we'll reduce the price of each unit by $5 and donate $5 to that organization in your name.


Full Color Mourninglights(tm) like original Mourninglights(tm) are 3 1/2" tall of white milk glass and are printed with a ceramic ink that will not fade even in sunlight. But because we use a different process, Full Color Mourninglights(tm) ship 2 to 3 weeks after an order is placed. Please order our original Mourninglight(tm) if delivery time is critical at this link Order Form

Full Color Mourninglights™ Order Form

Please fill out the following short form and click the submit button at the bottom of the page to send us your information.

Personal Information

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Choose Your Light Type

Please choose either the free wax 15 hour votive or the 36 hour battery light for an additional $3. The battery lights have an on /off switch and the batteries are replaceable.

Wax Candle Mourninglight™ memorial candle White LED White LED battery light Mourninglight™ memorial candle Pink LED Pink LED battery light Mourninglight™ memorial candle Amber LED Amber LED battery light Mourninglight™ memorial candle

Or choose our gently flickering 36 hour amber battery light for $4 below:

Flickering Amber LED 

Your Inscription

Please write in the inscription boxes what you would like to appear on your Mourninglight™. Each line can contain a maximum of 30 characters.

Line one:
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A third line is available for an additional charge of $3.
Line three:

Memorial Gifts

Are you giving this Mourninglight™ as a gift?
Choose either to have your name printed on the reverse or a gift card at no extra charge.

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