Mourninglights™ Photo Guide

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Welcome to our photo guide page where you can view photos and the mourninglights made from them. You can even get an idea how the photo you're considering might look by following the free sample order process at the bottom of this page.

Example Photos

Click on the photo to the left to see the actual size we received. Click on the photo on the right to view the mourninglight in larger detail. The photos will open in pop up windows on your screen.

Original photo Mourninglight memorial candle The photo of this beautiful cat was too small to allow us to frame it in an oval without cropping its ears so we used a round cornered rectangle instead.

Original photo Mourninglight memorial candle While solid black dogs and cats are often the most difficult photos to work with, we were able to bring out the highlights in this dog's intelligent face.

Original photo Mourninglight memorial candle This photo was large, sharp, and well lit. We were able to capture even the finest of his whiskers in the finished print.

Free Trial Image

We invite you to upload the photo you're considering below. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a link to view your virtual mourninglight image.

Original photo Virtual Mourninglight memorial candle Genuine Mourninglight memorial candle To the left, you can view the progression from the original photo, through the photoguide sample, to the final genuine mourninglight. Click on a photo to view a larger version in a pop up window.

About Your Photo

  1. Both black and white and color photos are acceptable.
  2. Well lit, sharply focused subjects on a light background print best.
    Our product can only be as good as the photo you send.
  3. Your photo should be larger than 10KB to allow us enough detail. Using your mouse, right click on your photo and view the properties menu to determine its size. We will enlarge or reduce your photo as necessary.
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